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Welcome to the RealLife English podcast! For over 10 years, RealLife English has helped millions of learners just like you from virtually every country to go beyond the classroom and live, speak and master English in the Real World. We’ve been able to do this through our unique method: The RealLife Way, which consists of three simple, but powerful components: Mindset: How to think like a successful English speaker Method: How to live, speak and master English in the Real World Mastery: How to become a confident Global Citizen In this podcast, you will listen to fun, relevant and dynamic English conversations with me and other experienced fluency coaches. These lessons are designed to help you become a confident, natural English speaker AND Global Citizen. You will learn: - The vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms, and slang that you ACTUALLY need to know - How to understand fast-spoken English from various native and advanced non-native fluency coaches - Native pronunciation and Connected Speech (How natives reduce, cut and connect the sounds) And so much more! By the way, to get the best experience with our podcast, we highly recommend you listen to it on the RealLife English App. With every episode you get a full, interactive transcript and vocabulary definitions. That way, you won’t miss a single thing! Just search for RealLife English in your favorite app store. Subscribe to this podcast so you don’t miss a single new episode. Aww yeah! Download the App:

Aww yeah! 2020 is a wrap! In this podcast, Ethan and Andre talk all about New Year's Eve and New Year's day traditions from the US, the UK as well as other from other countries. Andrea even shares her fun experience celebrating New Year's in Times Square in New York. Don't miss out on this fantastic podcast to end the year and start 2021 with a bang!

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Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is right around the corner, and it's only fitting that Ethan and Andrea talk about everybody's (or most people's, right?) favorite holiday of the year. Curious to know if your name is on Santa's nice list? Or is it on his naughty list? Ethan and Andrea explain what this whole "naughty or nice" thing is as well as many other words and expressions that we use around Christmastime.

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In this episode, Ethan is joined by Max and Izzy. Both exceptional English speakers. They discuss the teachings of one of the most influential self-development books: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This book provides a set of simple but really powerful principles that you can use to be successful in life and also as an English learner.

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"I'm just bad at languages," "I'm too embarrassed to speak," "I'm too old to learn." These are some of the things people learning English tell themselves.
In this episode, Ethan, Andrea and Justin discuss these and a few other common excuses and attitudes that prevent people from learning English. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced learner, this is a great opportunity to check in with yourself to make sure you're not disempowering yourself with these common excuses.

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What is keeping you from watching a movie or TV show in English without subtitles? In this episode, Ethan, Andrea and Justin discuss 3 key things that are going to help you to finally break free from subtitles!

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If you have a soft spot for idioms, this podcast will take your breath away! Ethan and Andrea teach you 12 beautiful idioms so that you can understand their meaning and start using them in conversation. Plus, they answer the question we so often get asked: what's the difference between an idiom and an expression?

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Do native English speakers really make better teachers? There's a lot of controversy surrounding this topic called native-speakerism and so we discuss the advantages of having a non-native English teacher as well as the advantages of having a native English teacher. It really goes beyond just having English as a first language and we hope that this podcast would help you to make an informed decision when choosing your teacher.

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Which of these is NOT the same?:

A) Slow-Witted
B) Bonehead
C) Klutz

In fact, all of them are alternatives that you can use instead of “stupid”! While we don’t encourage that you start insulting people, in this episode, we look at vocabulary that will help you understand TV series, the news, and even presidential debates!

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In this week's podcast we're talking about some weird and interesting facts about British Culture. Ethan and Andrea discuss this, as well as similarities and differences between American and British culture. 

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With the US elections right around the corner, we get deep into the American political situation in this episode. You’ll learn some vocabulary related to the elections that’s will be useful if you would like to keep updated with what’s happening in the political scene in the US. Also, we discuss other social issues such as the Coronavirus, climate change and how social media influences and manipulates you.

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Do you want to make a great first impression? The easiest way to do this is by creating your unique, personal perfect self-introduction in English! In this special podcast, Ethan will teach you everything you need to know to create your script for your perfect introduction!

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In today's podcast lesson, Ethan and Andrea teach you 12 English idioms and expressions with nationalities or countries. Let us know in the comments if any of these exist in your country!

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In this episode of the RealLife English Podcast, Andrea is joined by our very own Agnieszka. She talks all about giving presentations in English. From how to develop your confidence, starting a presentation the right way and what to do when things don't go as planned.

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In this episode of the RealLife English Podcast, Ethan and Andrea talk about a topic that often doesn't get the attention that it deserves: cultural fluency. They offer their perspective on the culture of politeness in English, which might be different in your language.

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We're celebrating the 200th episode of the RealLife English Podcast! If that wasn't enough of a celebratory occasion, we've reached 3 Million subscribers on Learn English with TV series, and 100,000 on the RealLife English YouTube channel. This is all thanks to you! In this episode, Justin and Ethan look back at the origins of RealLife English in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Don't miss out on the adventure!

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Ethan and Andrea go over a list of rather strange-sounding idioms. Have you ever heard "Bob's your uncle!" or "My neck of the woods"? Learn about those and a few more in today's podcast. 

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In today’s podcast Andrea is joined by Ksenia and Agniezka, who are both part of the RealLife English team. They share different tips for teaching English to kids and they also talk about their own experience teaching it to their kids.

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In today’s podcast Ethan and Andrea talk about British English words that when you use in the United States (and vice versa), they can get you into trouble or get you some laughs.

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In this podcast Justin and Ethan talk about some great things about the American culture that you might not know about!

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Do you want to improve your English pronunciation but you are not sure about how to do this? In this lesson Justin and Andrea give you some practical tips that you can apply today and start improving in this area!

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Do you ever get that feeling where you freeze up in conversation because you can't think of how to say something in English? In this lesson Ethan and Andrea will give you several recommendations that you can apply today in order to improve your English fluency!

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In this podcast Ethan, Andrea and Justin talk about five great things that you can practice every day in order to improve your English communication skills.

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In today's podcast Ethan and Andrea talk about hilarious everyday American words that you shouldn't use if you visit the UK!

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In today's podcast Andrea, Justin and Ethan talk about common myths about English fluency and give great advice on how to improve your learning process.

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Do you think that your introversion is a barrier for you when it comes to practicing your English? In this podcast Ethan and Andrea talk about this topic and share great ways to don't let your fears stop you!


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Have you ever wondered about how can natives speak so fast? In today's podcast Ethan, Andrea and Justin will teach you some useful ways to increase your English fluency and comprehension.

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Do you ever wish that you could speak more like a native? In today’s podcast Ethan and Andrea will teach you 15 advanced English expressions that natives use all the time!

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In this free audio lesson we will be talking about how podcasts can transform your English and your life. You will have a lot of fun listening to Ethan, Justin and Andrea talk about this interesting subject and improve your English vocabulary with great new words!

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You have probably heard many things about the things that you should do when speaking English, but have you ever wondered what things you should NOT do? In this free audio lesson you will get some great advice from Ethan and Andrea regarding the things that you should avoid while having an English conversation.

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In this free audio lesson you will be learning lots of British and American English words and expressions. You will have a lot of fun hearing how different Ethan and Andrea's accents are and by the time you finish listening to it you will know which words you should use in each country avoid misunderstandings!

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How should a global citizen react to racism? Right now, this is a controversial, but extremely relevant question. In this episode, we reflect on this question and hope to give you a dose of inspiration, as well as important words and expressions related to this important issue.

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In this podcast you will learn English with a beautiful poem by Gavin Aung Than how to overcome your fears. You will not only get a lot of inspiration to achieve your goals and master your fears but you will also learn many expressions and useful vocabulary.

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In this podcast you will have tons of fun seeing Ethan trying to guess some British expressions. If you want to laugh a lot while learning English and improving your vocabulary, then this podcast is perfect for you!

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In this podcast Andrea, Justin and Ethan will talk about the ingredients for success, inspired by Simon Sinek's TED talk: Start with Why. You will learn a lot of interesting words and expressions and most importantly, you will learn an innovative way of thinking that will guarantee your success in English learning.

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Aww yeah! In this podcast Ethan and Andrea will be having lots of fun while talking about one of their favorites topics: food. You will learn lots of common words and expressions related to cooking that will greatly improve your English vocabulary and comprehension.

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Have you ever wondered 'what does a great teacher do'? What's the difference between a good teacher, and a great teacher? And what is the difference between a teacher and a coach? In today’s podcast we will answer all of these questions, and also talk about teaching methods and discussing how a great teacher or coach can have a tremendous influence on your learning process. So if you’re an avid learner like us, this podcast is perfect for you!

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Aww yeah, in today's podcast Ethan and Andrea will be having a lot of fun describing British and American stereotypes. You will learn about these countries' culture and traditions and will be able to discover which of these stereotypes are actually true!

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In today's podcast, Ethan, Justin, and Andrea talk about how to make the best out of the current Coronavirus situation, which we’re all going through. We also discuss what it means to be a global citizen- how what unites us as human beings is far more powerful than what divides us- why it’s so important in these hard times, and how English connects you to the world!

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We have huge, exciting news in this podcast for you!
In addition to that, in this episode you will learn some of the best TV series to learn British English!

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Aww yeah! The RealLife English podcast is back after a 2 year absence.

In this episode, Ethan and Justin give an update on RealLife English, and cover some of the principles of learning English in the real world, including: 

- Beginners vs Advanced Learners
- Immersion vs Learning at Home
- Tipping Points/ Critical Mass for your listening, reading, and speaking

We also have a few exciting big announcements about what's to come. 

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Join us as we republish one of our classic, most popular episodes, from 2014, a HUMOROUS conversation teaching vocabulary related to hospitals, sickness, and "getting pissed".

Prepare yourself for an action packed episode of the RealLife English podcast that is going to teach you a large variety of vocabulary.

From name mix ups at hospital to taking the piss out of friends, this raunchy episode of RLR might gross you out a little but relax, we will finish you off with a happy ending. Aww Yeah!

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