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Are you tired of boring, slow-speaking English lessons that don't teach you the way that natives really speak? Do you wanna learn how English is spoken in the real world? In this podcast, Ethan, Andrea, and Justin—your American and British Fluency Coaches will take you beyond the classroom and help you live, learn, and SPEAK English in the real world through fun, natural, conversational lessons that will rapidly teach you: - To understand fast-speaking natives - The vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms, and slang that you actually need to know - Native pronunciation and connected speech (how we natives cut and connect our words in a predictable way) - American and British English and their differences Above all, we'll help you develop the mindset, the method, and the mastery to live your English in the real world!

Words to Know

Shade- different tones of colours
Skeptical- to not like or believe in something before you try it
rooted/cheering- to support a team or a person
Spring out- appear suddenly
Spot light- light used for attracting attentions to someone
Stage- elevated floor where people perform
Wheeze- noise made when having breathing problems
Kinky- a person who likes strange styles of sex
Get along- to have a good relationship with someone


The Real Life Party was awesome, next one is probably the 25th of May
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What’s the difference between “oh yeah!” and “awwwww yeah.”


  • A fair weather friend
  • To steal someone’s thunder
  • Under the weather
  • Come rain or shine
  • Snowed under


Have fun and Learn English reading Marvel comics at any convenient time


Why did the parrot die?!?!
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