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Are you tired of boring, slow-speaking English lessons that don't teach you the way that natives really speak? Do you wanna learn how English is spoken in the real world? In this podcast, Ethan, Andrea, and Justin—your American and British Fluency Coaches will take you beyond the classroom and help you live, learn, and SPEAK English in the real world through fun, natural, conversational lessons that will rapidly teach you: - To understand fast-speaking natives - The vocabulary, phrasal verbs, idioms, and slang that you actually need to know - Native pronunciation and connected speech (how we natives cut and connect our words in a predictable way) - American and British English and their differences Above all, we'll help you develop the mindset, the method, and the mastery to live your English in the real world!

Gabriel Wyner is an American polyglot, book author, and founder of Fluent Forever. He fell in love with language learning while training to be an opera singer at school. After feeling pressured by a deadline to achieve proficiency in French, he worked his way to fluency studying on his own. Noticing that there was valuable advice online that was not put together, Gabe decided to share his journey in the book Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It, which since has become a best-seller. Since 2019, he and his team have been helping thousands of people with their language learning through their Fluent Forever app. Their mission is to enable a million people to have comfortable conversations in a foreign language by 2030.


This interview with Gabe was absolutely fascinating. It left me with so many questions, I only wish we could have talked longer. The interview starts a little bit slow, but trust me, stick in there through the whole interview for a goldmine of life-changing language learning advice. Gabe shares with me about his childhood and how his parents instilled a growth mindset in him from an early age. How a coming of age ceremony led him to become an opera singer and study vocal arts. Why goals are a crucial part of his language learning and how he sets effective objectives. How learning another foreign language might help you better learn English. The brain science that goes into making the fluent forever method effective, and how you can learn pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar in an efficient and natural way. You are really in for a treat with this one—it could change the way you think about language learning. I'm so excited to share this interview with you, so let's get into episode 19 of Beyond Borders!

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